No – it’s no second hand sale!

No, it’s no second hand sale!

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For about twenty years I have been photographing outdoors with a Minolta X700 and manual lenses (1970s, 1980s). Just before the auto focus buzz started (mid 90s) I bought a bunch of Minolta (rokkor) manual lenses. But as I am also addicted to IT, as soon as digital cameras became affordable I switched over to this species (and my SLR started a fairy sleep in a dust proof case in the dungeons). Like for everybody it was also a revolution for me: after having looked years on a mirror, now every (?) photographers dream came true: looking directly at the photo sensitive „plate“. No cost for shooting, just try what you want! I soon discovered the Fujifilm line of cameras (especially the legendary s6500 and the feature monster s100fs) and for years used this. But I never forgot about my beautiful lenses, sleeping somewhere…
Since a few years I kept watching the prices of EVIL cameras and Minolta-lens-adaptors, but from a financial aspect this never made sense. But a few months ago it happened:  I bought a (used) NEX3 (90 EUR), a K&F adaptor for Minolta MD (20 EUR) and re-started taking photos.

It was a little bit like travelling in time – point and shoot was gone and replaced by thinking, trying, focussing. As my primary subjects are Mountains and Nature the missing AF showed to be no problem. Now taking a photo forces you to think about exposure, manually focus, check focus via magnification and then take your shot. With my former digital cameras I came home with loads of photos, now it’s a fraction: a small number of carefully shot pictures for which I can take the time to „develop“ them.

This is the other change: I immediately changed to shoot RAW when capturing „seriously“. Out there is great software like darktable which does a tremendous job!

Here you see the K&F-adaptor which does a very good job on the Sonys. The lens is a standard Minolta manual lens (28-70mm), feels a bit plastic but produce great shots. Remember: this is full format stuff used on APS-C!

So have a look at my current lens set (No! it’s not a second hand sale – it’s really my gear!). With APS-C crop factor is 1.5x so – besides the wide angle -everything is nicely covered.

My collection: There is a 70-210, two 28-70 (bought them in a set for 30 EUR) and a 135mm. All of them are wonderful lenses (in my opinion also clearly outperforming the Sony kit lens 16-55).

There is only one danger: manual shooting has the danger to become extremely addictive.

Try it!