About me

For your photographs coming to live, they have to be visible to a greater public

I’m loving to take pictures – mostly landscapes. To get my pictures “living” I will share the most beautiful shots right here – in the highest possible resolution.

Kind of a mission statement:

Digital photography and digital image manipulation are closely related. Instead of discussing ethics from a philosophical or practical point of view, I simply give you my statement about photography and image processing:

When shooting landscapes and mountains I want my images to represent the vista and feelings I experienced myself when taking the picture. I process images due to photographical insufficiencies (exposure, white balance). Furthermore, I sometimes find the image not exactly representing, what I „saw“ and „feeled“ and try to adjust lightness, crop or contrast to receive the desired impression.

The goal of my pictures is kind of giving a promise to the watcher: the promise that when you are going to the same place under similar weather and lighting conditions, there is a possibilty for you to get the same view I got when taking the picture. So basically my statement is to show a well selected crop of reality: I never can catch everything (and I don’t want to) but this special crop that attracted me and led me to the image is really out there – and you can go there and find it.
Thus my credo is:

  • I will not manipulate colors (but I will adjust saturation): the stunning stunset you can look at in my photographs has to really exist. Take warm clothing or a sleeping bag, some time and you can go there and watch and see nearly the same as I did.
  • I will not add illumination and lighting which does not exist: if I decide to light the foreground, you will see it.
  • I will not betray you: I will not add or blend several images to „compose“ something which did not exist in reality,
  • If there is image processing, it will be visible (at least with some experience) or evident as turning an image to BW

So you can download my pictures, edit them, print them or use them as to your liking. They will be shared under a creative commons license:

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Dieses Werk ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 2.0 Generic Lizenz – for more details see Impressum.
This work is published from: Österreich.

If you want to receive a RAW for doing your own processing, turn to Contact and just ask.


Immanuel Wilhelmy,

June 2017