Morning Glory

Currently I am driving to work (bicycle needs rest) and this happily coincides with sunrise. On days like these I am the only one leaving the slow floating traffic congestion to stop my car and step out – and admire – and take pictures. The moring mood shown below is in no way „enhanced“ or artificially improved – it was really like that:

The pictures have been very modestly developed in darktable: use „Velvia“ setting, local contrast a ND grad and – very unfortunately – denoise. As I had no tripod with me, I had to shut in shutter priority to get a sharp picture thus raising ISO to 500 to 800.

View over Innsbruck with the so called „Basilika“ in the urban foreground: Nothing has been faked or changed with the sky: the light was really extraordinary!


The next day, delicate rays of sun mixed with clouds remaining from nightly showers:

The Nordkette (here on the left the Brandjoch) and the Seegrube were nicely illuminated with very pictoresque clouds in front:


As said before, pictures are heavily noisy. But nevertheless, if you enjoy them have a look at the HiRes Galleries and download them in full 24 MP resolution.